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The brooding prescence of St-Laurent-Les-Tours, dominates the western skyline of St. Céré.

Once (they say) an imposing Château, not much remains but what does is still pretty imposing. The two towers can be seen from miles around and, travelling from west to east along the road from Betaille and Bretenoux, they suddenly spring into view as you round a bend. Must have been an awsome sight if you were one of the many armies in history tasked with storming it. Especially if you had just had a go at Castelnau Bretenoux down the road!

St Laurent les Tours dominates the St. Céré western skyline St Laurent les Tours sign

The tower commanding the western approach to St Céré, is 13thC, the other (opposite), making sure no-one sneaks up from the east, is newer, circa 15thC! What will lure you up there is the magnificent view of the Dordogne river valley from the medieval walls.

Whilst you are there, visit the tapestry and Museum to Jean Lurcat, a contemporary of Pablo Picasso. In 1945 he set up his tapestry atelier in St-Laurent-Les-Tours and his former home houses a unique collection of his work. Little did the occupying Germans realise, that he was also operating a secret radio station for the resistance.

The view over the village of St. Laurent les Tours, from the battlements
The church at St. Laurent les Tours, near St. Cere, Lot

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The newer of the two towers of St. Laurent les Tours - it is only 15th Century


















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