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General information about St. Céré, Lot

The Commune
St. Céré includes the following village communities, which in turn will include several hamlets:
Autoire - Bannes - Belmont Bretenoux - Cornac - Estal - Fraysinnhes - Latouille Lentillac - Loubressac - Mayrinhac Lentour - Saignes - Saint Jean Lagineste - Saint Jean Lespinasse - Saint Laurent Les Tours - Saint Medard de Presque - Saint Michel Loubejou - Saint Paul de Vern- Saint Vincent du Pendit.

At 158 metres above sea level, St. Céré covers a surface area of some 1, 133 hectares ( 11 km² ) with a population density of some 312,4 inhabitants per km²

Notwithstanding the official figures below (they don't add up - literally!), there can be no doubt whatsoever, that St Céré is growing. One only has to look at the number of new-builds and renovations in the communes around town to realise this. However, by International standards, St. Céré is still a small town. It is just that in a big département like the Lot, with its small hamlets and villages, arriving in a town like Gramat, or Martel, or St Céré... it feels big!

Fear not, however, for the morning and early morning rush-hour lasts for just 10 minutes apiece, we do not have any traffic lights and there is still plenty of room for you!

Incidentally, apparently we are called Saint-Céréens, or Saint-Céréennes, according to the Mairie.

  1996 2006
All 3, 517 3, 540
Male 45% 46%
Female 54% 53%
Population By Age    
All - 0 - 19 years 17.5% 17%
All - 20 - 39 years 23% 20.5%
All - 40 - 50 years 23% 25.5%
All - 60 + years 34.5% 36%
    Source: INSEE/Mairie

Post Code: 46400
Telephone Area Code: 05
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WiFi in St. Céré WiFi Hotspots in St. Céré are to be found at:
1. Café 5Cere, Hotel Touring, Place de la République
2. Au Passé Simple, Rue de la République

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The Mairie in St Cere, Lot, South West France
Mairie, St. Céré

Mayor: Monsieur Pierre DESTIC

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday
09h - 12h and
14h - 17h

We will not give you the website address at the moment because it is infected with a virus. They have been informed.

Mairie de Saint-Céré
Avenue François de Maynard

















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